2015–2016 Indoor Soccer Coaches and League Coordinators

League Coordinator – Peter McCarthy 718-259-4469

First_Name Last_Name Team Division Email_Address Home_Phone
Jerry Campanella COUGARS JV 718-236-3892
Santo Galbo PANTHERS JV (718) 256-7403
Richie Napolitano PANTHERS JV 718-837-9436
John Stathakos STARS JV 718-938-8889
Bob Tarallo STINGRAYS JV 718-256-2407
Santo Cimino WIZARDS JV 718-234-1990
Matt Mangano STARS PEE WEE
Mike Repole COUGARS PEE WEE; 718-331-0218
John DiGregorio WIZARDS PEE WEE (718) 232-0130
Peter McCarthy STINGRAYS PEE WEE 917-675-1476
Michael Repole COUGARS ROOKIE; 718-331-0218
Daniel Fogliano PANTHERS ROOKIE 718-621-5445
John Longardo STINGRAYS ROOKIE (917) 975-7757
Steve Chiaino WIZARDS ROOKIE (718) 921-1048
Angelo Alicandro COUGARS VARSITY (718) 680-1085
Daniel Fogliano PANTHERS VARSITY 718-621-5445
Tom Mangano STARS VARSITY 718-833-8749
Fred Cona STINGRAYS VARSITY (718) 630-1422
John DiGregorio STINGRAYS VARSITY (718) 232-0130
Steve Hutra WIZARDS VARSITY; 718-236-7465







Last Updated: 11/22/2012


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