DHAA / St. Bernadette objective for our basketball program is to aid in the development of individual player skills, team skills, and social skills. It is our belief that players can be taught a new basketball skill but until it is put to proper use in a “game” situation, it really has not been learned. The teaching of correct fundamentals and sportsmanship at an early age cannot be emphasized strongly enough.


2017-2018 3rd Grade Travel team 

We have Clinic \ teams for girls and boys ages 5 – 13. We participate in Travel leagues such as BCBA. There is an annual dinner and awards night. All participants receive an award, there are additional awards given for sportsmanship and outstanding play. The Knights always participate in all league All-star games. Parents have the opportunity to purchase individual and team pictures by professional photographer


2017-18 DHAA BASKETBALL 3rd Grade Travel Team