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September 2022

Fall 2022 Red Devils now have 8 travel teams and 4 In-House teams playing

Flag Football will commence Oct 10th 2022

Indoor Soccer Registration 2022-2023 is now open

August 2021

We are currently registering girls for Fastpitch Fall League which will start Sept 11 2021

We are also registering players for our Fall Flag Football program which will start Sept 11 2021

We anticipate doing Winter Indoor Soccer but we will see what the Covid situation is like in Nov 2021

June 10 2021 Picture Day and 50/50 Raffle

February 2021 Announcement

Due to Covid 19 starting in March 2020 we had to cancel some of our sports offerings and fund raisers 2020 (Marathon, Golf Outing) . We are currently practicing for baseball and softball for the 2021 season. We are hosting Winter training (Feb- March 2021) in a very safe and cautious manner to prepare for League play in Spring of 2021

If you would like to join us – please contact Peter McCarthy 917-675-1476

September 2019 – The Knights celebrated their 20th Anniversary at Gargiulos.  The celebration had over 120 people attend to celebrate with all the Knights Board members and their families.

June 2019 – Announcement – Knights John Castiglione will attend Wagner in the Fall and play D1 baseball with the Seahawks hopefully as their starting catcher.


Saturday June 1, 2019

Registration for the DHAA ST. BERNADETTE KIDS Run 4 Kids IV marathon is now open.    Please register at under marathon registrationThis year the marathon will be held this year on Saturday June 1st  2019  at 9:00 a.m.    I hope that you can join us again for an exciting day that will benefit three worthy causes( The New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund, Pediatric Cancer Research & St. Bernadette Church ).    Please register online (donations are not due until the week of the marathon).  Like last year – we will run or walk to 71st Street and back.  The Avenue will be closed and lined with KNIGHTS members and Police.  Many of our younger Knights (ages 4-5)  participated in the marathon last year as mom and dad walked with them.    Like last year – following the race, the Knights will sponsor a post-Marathon celebration in the St. Bernadette school yard for the kids that participated in the marathon.   This will include many rides, raffles, games, Exotic animal show,  Basketball contests and other activities for the kids and a food court .   We strongly urge that you commit the children to actually raise the funds for the marathon from friends, relatives and neighbors so as to instill a sense of personal purpose and pride in all participants.  Funds may be raised on a per mile basis (it is a per-mile race/walk).  Thank you for your continued support of the DHAA Knights organization and the civic events it sponsors.  You can register online for the Marathon – just go to our website at, click on “Marathon” and register.  The pledge form is on our website .  

From 2006-2018, through several different fund raising events (and your generosity), the Knights and our kids have successfully raised money to contribute to many wonderful causes in our community and a good portion of these funds were donated to our military heroes through the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund and Breast Cancer Research through the American Cancer Society and Pediatric Brain Cancer research through the Olivia Boccuzzi Foundation. .  This year will be no different, as we will strive to again raise money for other wonderful causes in 2019.  Our first big fundraiser will again be a runners’ marathon for children to be held on Saturday June 1st ,  on 12th Avenue, starting from 9:00 a.m. and ending at 11:30 a.m.  It will mark our 12th  annual kid’s marathon.  Our 2019 marathon will be held to raise money for really special causes this year.  There are three causes we are trying to raise money for.  The first is The New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund.   The Fund was created in 1985, by former New York Mets player Rusty Staub and J. Patrick “Paddy” Burns, then-Vice President of the New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.[2] Staub was inspired to create the fund after reading a news story about a New York City Police officer killed the line of duty. When Rusty was a boy, his uncle Marvin Morton was also killed in the line of duty as a New Orleans police officer, leaving behind a wife and young children.  Speaking about the loss, Staub remembered “How difficult it was for my uncle’s family, I remember saying the rosary on the bed with my mom. That was the first time I saw her cry.”  Staub determined to help this officer’s family, and other families who had lost a loved one in answering the call.   In its initial years, the organization hosted an annual gala, where widows and donors came together to support one another and raise funds for the cause. In addition, families would enjoy for a picnic at Shea Stadium, where children would throw out the first pitch and beneficiaries connected with the approximately six to eight new families who had lost a loved one that year. Prior to September 11, 2001, the fund had raised $13 million in its then-16 year history, supporting approximately 500 families.   The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center resulted in the loss of 2,606 lives, including 343 firefighters and 71 law enforcement officers. At the time, families received a $10,000 death benefit from the charity.   Three hundred and fifty families first-responder families now represented an immediate need for $4 million, but in the weeks that followed, this need was met and exceeded.   In the months following the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, the fund was able to give over $117 million to its beneficiaries.   The Fund continues to support the families of those lost before, during, and after 9/11, providing annual financial assistance to the families of fallen NYPD and FDNY Officers and Firefighters, Emergency Medical Services and Port Authority Police Officers.

Our second cause this year we will again help support research for childhood cancer through the Olivia Boccuzzi foundation.   The Olivia Boccuzzi foundation continues to fund research for childhood cancer specifically pediatric brain cancer.   Childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer in children and adolescents. Cancer claims the lives of more children each year than AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis and diabetes combined.   Each year in the United States, approximately 13,500 children and adolescents 18 and younger are diagnosed with cancer, that’s more than a classroom of kids a day.   Approximately 2,500 children and adolescents die of cancer each year.  1 out of every 330 children in America will develop cancer before their 20th birthday.  More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.   Childhood cancer does not discriminate, sparing no ethnic group, socio-economic class or geographic region. Every family is potentially at risk.  In the past 20 years, the FDA has initially approved only ONE drug for any childhood cancer.  The causes of most pediatric cancers remain a mystery and cannot be prevented. Unlike most adult cancers, they are not the result of lifestyle choices and exposures.    Attempts to detect childhood cancers at an earlier stage, when the disease would react more favorably to treatment, have largely failed. Young patients often have a more advanced stage of cancer when first diagnosed. (Approximately 20% of adults with cancer show evidence the disease has spread; yet almost 80% of children show that the cancer has spread to distant sites at the time of diagnosis).  Today, up to 75% of the children with cancer can be cured; yet, some forms of childhood cancers have proven so resistant to treatment that, in spite of research, a cure is illusive.   Several childhood cancers continue to have a very poor prognosis, including: brain stem tumors, metastatic sarcomas, relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and relapsed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.   By raising awareness of the fact that childhood cancer remains the number one disease killer of America’s children, we can raise the awareness of the need for greater research funding.   The mission of the Olivia Boccuzzi Foundation is to provide funds to medical or scientific personnel and/or institutions that are actively researching cures for pediatric brain tumors through medical trials and scientific research. With the help of our medical advisory board, which consists of world-renowned pediatric Neuro-Oncologists, we support the most viable research projects and trials in an effort to find a cure for brain tumors. The Olivia Boccuzzi Foundation is also committed to providing education and raising public awareness about pediatric cancers and the lack of funding that is currently allocated towards children from the government and other sources.  They believe that increased awareness will lead to more funding and better outcomes.

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